Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kincaid’s Fish, Chop and Steakhouse.
Phoenix, Arizona

Signature Chophouse Burger: All natural handformed 10 ounce beef patty, with smoked bacon, Boursin cheese and caramelized onions

This is a guest review by my friend Christine, another burger aficionado. Probably a bigger lover of burgers then myself given that she ordered a burger at a steakhouse. I had the ribeye. So this is her review:
A disappointing 6.5/10. The burger had no flavour. Christine ordered the burger well done. We had a discussion on the merits of well done vs pink in the middle med rare. What can I say, Christine is still young, she’ll come around one day. And what was up with that big glob of cheese sitting on top of the burger? Christine took it off the burger to make room for the mushrooms, fried onions and other condiments that were spread out around the plate. I was actually looking at the presentation, thinking, WT..

I forgot to ask if she would order the burger again. My guess is no. From what I saw, I wouldn’t. Dissapointing.


By the way, my 20 oz bone in Ribeye was pretty good. Not spectacular. Above average. Maybe a 7.5/10. It sounded better on the menu: We proudly serve Creekstone Farms' premium Black Angus beef, corn fed and aged 28 days for flavor and tenderness. All steaks are grilled and seasoned with our custom rub, then topped with our steakhouse butter. Served with crispy buttermilk onion strings and red jacket mashed potatoes.

I do appreciate the fact that Creekstone farms raises natural beef, no antibiotics no hormones. I’d come back for the steak just because of that.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Red Onion, Vancouver, BC Canada

My first burger of the New Year and it was pretty good.
First lets start with the menu. At some places menus are an afterthought. At others, menus are marketing tools, a chance to both inform and sell product. Here we have the marketing tool.

“previous winner of the Vancouver Restaurant Critics Best Burger award”. Right away get ready for a special burger!

“baking is done here in the morning” I assume that means the buns.

“This ain’t gourmet but it’s the best, darn purest, leanest burger you will ever eat. 1/3 pound and the beef is always fresh never frozen. Every patty is handmade and charbroiled to 400 degrees F to med. well done. The tomatoes, crisp lettuce, fried or raw onions and a unique mustard based sauce”. And, by the way who says I want a lean burger?

I had the Red Onion Burger with fried onions, cheddar and bacon. This is what I thought:

It’s not the best, but it’s pretty good. I’ve had so called gourmet burgers not as good as this. Give it an 8/10. The patty was overdone, I should have asked for it medium doneness. The patty also gets lost in the big huge bun, which was really good (do you think they actually bake the buns there in the morning?) The veggies were absolutely fresh, but too much lettuce, half inch thick in some places. The cheddar was shredded and not completely melted. This is a major pet peeve for me. I like melted cheese. I encountered the same problem at Vera’s burgers recently. The sauce was tasty but there wasn’t enough of it. Add on some garlic mayo or something similar on the bottom bun, cook the patty less and you got a kick as burger as apposed to a pretty good one.

A note on the fries. Perfectly done, home cut. Nice.

I couldn’t find a website for them, but there are lots of reviews, just Google them.