Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bridge Bar and Eatery. Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 London England

The menu says "made from the finest beef". Really? An airport burger made from the finest beef? Is that even possible? I supposed they couldn't call it the "finest mad cow burger". I asked the waitress what this "finest meat" thing means and I got this kind of dull silence and a look that tells me that she thinks I'm an idiot. I will go on a limb and guess she knows very little of this "finest beef" claim, although she does tell me that it is indeed a fresh patty, not frozen. A "finest beef" burger it is, with cheese and bacon.

I'm tired and hungry; I’ve been on 2 planes and on the go for 9 hrs, a 6 hr lay over here and then a 10 hr flight home. If there was ever a need for a good burger, this is it. Luckily this is not a bad burger at all, a solid 6.5/10. The patty indeed looked like it could be fresh, nice and thick, though expectantly overcooked and low on the flavour scale. (You wouldn't want to give someone e-Coli at an international airport).
Better be tasteless then to cause an international incident. English bacon means back-bacon, nice change from the North American version. Also a nice touch was having Coleman’s Hot English mustard at the table to add a bit of heat. The only  spotty thing on this burger was the bun, a white chemically mess with something akin to a powdered flour dusting. God, I hate airports but if you are at Heathrow Terminal 1 and want a decent burger check out Bridge, the whole burger wasn't bad, or maybe I was just tired but I think you could definitely do worst.

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