Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taylor’s Crossing North Vancouver BC Canada

Is the humble hamburger the litmus test for food quality at that particular restaurant or pub? I mean, if you can't make a decent burger can you do anything else right?

I had a burger at Taylor’s Crossing a popular pub-restaurant in North Vancouver. Taylors is part of the Mark James group which owns and operates a number of well known pub-restaurants throughout Vancouver; the YaleTown Brewing Company, the Brewhouse Whistler, the Big Ridge in Surrey and the Flying Beaver in Richmond.

My burger at Taylor’s sucked. No question, less then a 3/10 and that's being kind.

I had the Jalapeño Lamb Beer-ger a 10 oz patty topped with feta and tzatziki. Sounds good, but the 10 oz patty was more like a flat lamb meatball, all kinds of filler, I couldn't even taste the lamb. The jalapenos overpowered everything. The bun was hard and crumbly. They either forgot the tzatziki or applied such a thin layer that it was totally unperceivable.

I shake my head in shame for the kitchen and for myself for ordering this thing. I had a burger at Taylor’s a few years ago and I remember it not being very good, nice to see that they are still serving crap.

Now back to my original question. Does this hamburger scare me away from ever dining here or at any one of their other establishments in the future? Ya I think it does....sort of. I wouldn't go to Taylor’s for dinner but to be fair, I've read great things about the YaleTown Brewpubs chicken wings and I have had dinner at the Brewhouse in Whistler and it was OK. As great of an endorsement as OK is, I didn't actually have a burger, if memory serves I had the ribs, like I said OK. To be fair to the Mark James Group, I think I must do some more research, even if it means more crap burgers coming my way in the future. What I won't do for journalism. I'll let you know what develops but I’d definitely recommend staying away from the burgers at Taylor’s Crossing.

In case you are wondering why I gave this brutal burger a 3/10? They make really good beer.

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