Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Uli’s Restaurant White Rock. BC. Canada

Paula is our guest reviewer today. It’s always nice to have guests and to get a new perspective on my burger ratings system. Not that I really have a burger rating system, per say, it’s pretty much totally subjective on how I feel that day. On the other hand, I know what I like and what I don’t like and regular readers to the Handsome Burger Blog will definitely pick up on my likes, dislikes and little quirks.

Today we find ourselves at Uli's Restaurant on Marine drive in White Rock. Marine drive in White Rock is a restaurant strip, extraordinaire, packed with tourists in the summer but depressingly vacant this time of year. Still a great view, albeit pouring down rain, looking over the bay at the Washington coast in the distance. Hello America.

Surrey Now picked Uli's as the best burger in the Faser Valley. Is it worthy? Paula and I are here to find out. We both had the Uli Burger ~ challah bun, burnt onion relish, smoked cheddar, I added pancetta, Paula added back bacon. Just a note, the description of the Uli Burger in Surrey Now is quite different to the burgers we were served.

The patty is 7 ounces of dry aged beef, hand made in house, nice and thick. The patty is tasty but could use a little something something and it also could have been just a bit pinker in the middle. Nit picky perhaps, but both Paula and I thought it was missing some unidentifiable ingredient. Just a little something to give it that added zing. I’m going on a limb to suggest that it probably just needed a bit more salt.

Paula thought the whole was too big, something about the burger hitting her in the nose because of its enormous size (the burger not her nose). And on that tangent nobody has ever accused me of having a small shnoz and I didn't have a collision problem, so take that for whatever its worth. Plus a big burger is almost never a bad thing.

Other considerations: great challah bun, not enough aoli and subsequently not enough drippy goodness falling from the burger when you bite into it.

I haven't had a better burger in the Fraser Valley so I suppose that for the time being I must concur with Surrey Now, Uli's is indeed the best burger in the Frazer Valley. But as usual, more research will definitely be required to substantiate this claim in the future.

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