Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Croatian Hamburger

Lepinje is a Croatian yeast raised flatbread. Not just Croatian but, Serbian Bosnian and generally Balkan. Think Pita bread but soft and chewy ciabatta like on the inside. Lepine are most often served with Cevapi, onions and ajvar, which in my humble opinion if done well is worthy of a world heritage designation.

So how do you make a Croatian Hamburger? Use lepinje as the bun of course. This particular version came from a little hole in the wall place on the Split Riva literally in the wall of Diocletians Palace. The lepinje is crazy good so if you could fill this thing with quality burger like ingredients you would have something spectacular. Here something gets lost in the translation; you have a bottom basement burger patty, Cro ketchup, kind of interesting tasting actually, a tomato slice and some lettuce. Totally edible but only because you are on the Riva in Split.

Recommendation: definitely get the Cevapi. 

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