Friday, October 14, 2011

Hog Shack Cookhouse

I’m a bit disgusted with myself. No, actually, I’m totally discussed at myself. I ordered the Flatline Burger at the Hog Shack Cookhouse. Two patties, gobs of cheese stuffed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. What the hell was I thinking? I don’t usually go for the gimmicky Man v. Food type of its free if you can finish it in 5 min type of burger. And on a side note, do you really think Adam Richman is going to make it to his 40th b-day (currently 37) without a massive coronary? But I digress.

OK, so I was curious, I’ve never had a grill cheese burger before and what the heck. Now I can honestly say, “Never again” and, in case you are wondering, no, I did not finish it.

This thing is not really a real burger, it’s a marketing piece, it gets people talking but really you should never order one, it’s the futuristic concept car at the auto shows that will never be produced commercially. Sadly, Flatliiner has been released to the public.

Just not enjoyable, you can’t really eat this like a burger it’s just too thick, it falls apart and then you end up doing the unimaginable, using a knife and fork on a burger. The patty’s were well seasoned, bordering on a meatloaf feel and cooked through just like a meatloaf. Nice tomatoes, tons of cheese, this thing is a mess. I’m not going to rate it.

BTW just to maintain that gimmicky marketing feel, the Hog Shack should place an emergency defibrillator by the front door with a sign “in case of Flatliner Emergency”. Just trying to help Although, the grill cheese buns are made with whole wheat bread, so maybe the defibrillator is not needed ;)

My dining companion, Paula, was much smarter than me; she ordered the Classic, 6 oz burger. And she liked it. A solid 7.5/10 apparently not juicy enough to completely rave, but it had sufficient flavor. Yes, the patty was a cooked dry disk; same as my two but it looks like we have some decent potential here for a good burger just don’t flatline. Unless of course you can eat it in 5 minutes because then it’s free.

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