Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Molly's Reach, Gibson’s BC

The Old Relic Burger: Homemade patty, special sauce, fried onions, mushrooms, tomato, cheese and lettuce. I added the bacon.

Wow, what a pleasantly great surprise. This is a fantastic burger. 9.5/10. I’m tempted to give this a 10/10 but then after you’ve had the perfect burger why continue with others. In any case, this wasn’t a completely “perfect” burger, just a completely fantastic one. Well worth a ferry ride to the sunshine coast. (I was there of other reasons).

The juice drippings were of the charts. I could have gone through half a dozen napkins. Instead, because I only got one napkin, wrapped around my fork and knife, I demolished it to a fine soggy pulp.

Everything worked in this burger, the patty was well cooked and tasty, fried onions and mushrooms added just enough flavor without overwhelming the whole experience. It’s just one of those things were others fail, burgers loaded with stuff but the stuff just doesn’t come together for one sublime experience. Here it does. Love it. Next time I’m there, I’m going for the lamb burger. I’m looking forward to it. If only it wasn’t a ferry away.

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