Sunday, May 23, 2010

Muskoka on the Rocks, Ontario Canada

Something is a miss when bar/pub in the middle of nowhere Muskoka, (2 hrs north of Toronto) is pouring Big Rock beer from Alberta and the waitress gets snappy when you ask about local options. Although, everything else is pretty much what you would expect, a hole in the wall feel with a slightly grimy unkept look to the place. Don't get me wrong, some of the best burgers are discovered in dives like this. Unfortunately this time, not the case, I must keep looking.

This is a co-review with Cesar, a friend of mine that has been somewhat critical in the past for what he viewed to be higher then deserved burger ratings. So we both ordered the same bacon cheeseburger, his had swiss and mushrooms, mine sauteed onions. A tad different but in the end it really didn't matter, both were terrible. We both independently rated the burgers 4/10. I was actually thinking 3.5 but the fries, fesh cut were pretty darn good. So an extra .5 bump up.

Kudos on the hand formed 8 oz fresh beef but then why kill it on the grill to a rock hard piece of charcoal? The tomatoes, were old, bun blah and no sauce. I hate having to add my own yellow mustard from a squeeze bottle. I know,kind of nit picky but everyone has issues.
So Cesar, we agree, not worth a trip back.
You can check them out here if you like:

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