Saturday, May 29, 2010

Webers Burgers, Hwy 11 north of Orillia Ontario Canada

Located north of Orillia on Highway 11,on the way to Muskoka's cottage country, this place is an institution. There is a line-up out the door at all times. Take out only. They also have fresh meat and buns for purchase as well. Not a bad idea for people heading up to their cabins for the weekend. Webers has grown from a shack in 1963 to what is today a huge operation, taking over both sides of the highway. Check out heir video : . A bridge spans the highway, making it convenient to purchase burgers to and from your cottage. It seems that in the 70’s. Webbers was getting so busy that people were dodging traffic on the highway to pick up burgers on their way home from their cottages. The municipality installed a fence along the median to prevent people form crossing and I suppose getting shmucked by traffic. I'm told people have been doing this for ever and it has turned in to somewhat of a tradition. No problem Webbers purchases and installs a bridge from the pedestrian crossing at the CN tower. Seriously, you should cross this thing, it’s huge. You feel like you are in Disneyland, definitely out of place for a burger joint on the side of the highway.

So, how are the burgers? A friend told me I'd be disappointed. It is my duty to check this institution out for myself.

I had the double cheeseburger. Supper cheap, $4.49, first impressions, very much fast food like or beach burger cart like. Thin patty's, topped with a sliced long ways pickle, onions and tomatoes, squeeze of yellow mustard and ketchup. Harvey's like actually. The verdict amongst me and two friends is that hey, this is a pretty tasty burger. Two 8's and a 7 out of 10. But to be fair my friend that rated the burger 7 had the single. The consensus, you must have the double. Hey Ben, who cares if you have to run a half marathon on Sunday, you have to go with the double. And, good luck by the way on you run.

The meat patty's fresh not frozen were tasty, if not a bit thin for my liking, hence the requirement for the double. Everything else was super fresh. The bun, lightly toasted on the grill was a big hit for me, fantastic bun.

Cesar, we rated another burger the same, hmm, what about those criticisms of overly high rated burgers? We are two for two, baby!

April, we were not disappointed; it was definitely worth the stop.

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