Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moderne Burger, Vancouver BC Canada

Moderne Burger is often mentioned as one of Vancouver’s best burger establishments. It’s taken me a while but I finally had a chance to check them out. I really like the feel of this place, simple art deco interior, muted pastels, stainless steel, and sort of a dinner-esc look. Super clean, this place is the antithesis of Burger Heaven in New Westminster. Not to be mean to Burger Heaven because their burgers are quite good and sometimes the best places are the dive hole in the wall, but there is just something sterile about Moderne Burger.

I had the cheddar, bacon and grilled onion burger. It was fantastic 9/10. Great flavour and most certainly the drippiest burger I’ve had in a long time a 5 napkiner, most outstanding. Nice touch on the black olive toothpick on top of the burger. It’s funny how little touches like that elevate things to a whole different level. It’s a garnish, I know, but to me it shows they care. Although, if they really really cared they would get a liquor licence and serve great tap beer. The cherry coke was nice but a beer with this burger would be super nice and probably elevate the burger to a 10/10. Yes, my ratings can be influenced with alcohol.

And by the way, this little strip along Broadway and Trafalgar is the winner of best burger by density in Vancouver, from east to west, Moderne Burger, DB Bistro and right across Trafalgar the Sunshine Diner. Great burgers at all locations, check them out.

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