Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amsterdam Café Pub. Whistler Village Canada

“Drinking…we are known for drinking”

That was the answer from the waitress when, holding my menu, I was foolish enough to ask “what are you known for?” And I believed her because it wasn’t just what she said but the way she said it, a little quirky smirk that twinkle in her eye and that faintest intimation that she had a long night the night before sealed the deal.

Right there and then I knew exactly what my burger was going to be all about. It will be somewhere from a 5 to 7 out of 10. An 18 year old Aussie, who is probably a bit hung himself and pissed he is not on the slopes, is slapping together a frozen patty, and suspect condiments between stale Kaiser buns.

Turns out 6/10 (the bacon was good) bull’s-eye on my earlier premonitions.

So, when in Whistler and when looking for a place to have a few drinks or maybe more then a few drinks head for the Amsterdam Café Pub and after you’ve had many bevies and you get the munchies and taste is no longer essential order the Amsterdam burger and enjoy.

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