Friday, January 14, 2011

Milestones, Abbotsford BC Canada

Just another late night on the road and another burger at a chain restaurant. This time I find myself at Milestones in Abbotsford. I haven't been to Milestones for some time and thought I'd check it out see what their burgers are about.
I can’t remember the last time I had a burger at Milestones. A quick chat with the server confirms that the patty comes to the restaurant frozen. Really? I would expect more from Milestones. "Hello Mr Milestones, your competition, Earls down the road, uses fresh beef. Come on get your act together". OK, I'm going to have this burger but Milestones is off my list until they start giving a damn. Want to know how much a restaurant cares about the food they serve? Check out the burger, it is the restaurants barometer. It’s easy slap something half descent together and this is what I got here a 6.5/10, it’s just ho hum. But it’s hard to do it right, which, makes you wonder how much they care about the other stuff they serve.

Mr. Milestone’s I will remember this burger. You may want me to forget.

Can someone out there in blog land please recommend a mom and pop local establishment in Abbotsford that serves fresh, great burgers?

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