Monday, May 16, 2011

Haro's Restaurant and Bar, Sidney BC Canada

Sadly the burger at Haro’s Restaurant and Bar was pretty much exactly what I expected. In corporate performance appraisal speak the Haro’s burger met expectations but sadly at 8/10 it did not exceed expectations.

Haros is the restaurant attached to the Pier Hotel in Sidney. The Pier is "the" high end Sidney hotel, on the waterfront, very new very modern very metropolitan very clean very antiseptic if you know what I mean. So, from the restaurant I was expecting a gourmet burger using top end ingredients delivering a very good burger. And sadly, again, it's pretty much what I got.

haro’s burger: courtenay cheddar, smoked bacon, house bbq sauce on house made brioche bun

The cheddar was tasty and perfectly melted. The bacon had extraordinary flavour the house baked bun also extraordinary. But then the patty was a letdown, made fresh in house, which is good but then overcooked and tasteless. In the end you get a good burger with some extraordinary components but much like the property a bit antiseptic.

I'd have it again, at least the Blue Buck on tap was cold and tasty, it was a ho hum good burger and certainly better then monstrosity of a burger across the street at the Beacon Landing Pub and Restaurant.

But then again there are many more burgers along the Sidney waterfront to explore.

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