Thursday, June 9, 2011

Airport Chalet, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

A quick Google search of "the best burger in Whitehorse Yukon" comes up with The Airport Chalet as the first 7 choices. OK, so 4 of them are on trip adviser, the other 3 random ad sites. The Airport Chalet does not have their own website but trip adviser and yelp seem to think highly of this establishment.

Situated directly across for from the airport, surprise, The Airport Chalet is straight out of the 40's or 50's roadside hotel /diner. The sign reminds me of old Vegas before all the neon. Inside, it’s dark and dingy which is somewhat bewildering because it's sunny outside and there are big windows on the front of the restaurant. It seems that light is forbidden entry into this throwback tavern. The walls are covered in old wallpaper, muted pink flowers with pastel green stems. The height of fashion in the 40's, I think I saw Sarah Richardson on the Home and Garden Network, do a retro cottage in similar colours. A small but beautiful cowboy bar sits alone in the corner. I can imagine the beat up gold miners sitting have a whiskey and dreaming about riches to come.

The waitress calls me Hon and brings me a standard looking pub burger. The patty is homemade but needs some seasoning. Everything else is fresh tasty and perfectly average. This is a workmanlike burger, for the workman like local crowd.

At 6.5/10 it was ok an experience but I don't need to go back for the burger. I would however go back in a minute to sit at the bar and have a few drinks and soak up the local ambiance.


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