Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red Wagon Cafe, Vancouver, BC

I’ve heard some great buzz about the Red Wagon Restaurant, a greasy spoon serving great comfort food and using ethical products wherever possible. I’ve heard you have to try the pulled pork pancakes with Jack Daniels maple syrup. In fact when you walk into the restaurant barbequed pork fills the air and instantly makes you happy. Well, it makes me happy. It was a difficult decision not to get the pancakes, available all day, the smell was unbelievably enticing but then I have this burger blog and the Red Wagon burger uses organic beef and they make it in house and they didn’t freak out when I asked if they could cook the patty medium rare. Oh well the pancakes will have to wait for next time.

The burger was great; it was cooked and delivered a beautiful pink in the middle. Great flavour, everything inside of the buns was great, but then the bun, not fresh, crumbly, totally disappointing. It’s like giving my wife diamond earrings wrapped in newspaper and without the blue Birks box. It’s like taking a Ferrari engine and putting it into a mini van. It’s, it’s, it’s like great and flavourful ingredients in a crappy bun!

In the end it’s nice but…..9/10. So close.

You know what you have to do.

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