Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cozmos Cappuccino Bar & Grill. Burnaby

The judges scores:

 4, 5, 6.

Dwight at 4/10 was sitting in as the East German judge with his low score, but then he had the BBQ sauce option on his burger and the sauce took over and decided to be the star of the show. He couldn't taste anything but the sauce.

Not that Dwight was missing all that much, let me break it down:

Cozmos is a nice neighbour joint with a good reputation for brunch and a ton of regulars. For lack of a better description its the kind of place were everyone knows your name. I wonder if my name will be mud after this posting. The food is typical cafe like with a Greek twist and Greek options.

Our burgers had a Greek twist to it. The patty was a classis keftedes style, Greek spices, onions, garlic, eggs, bread – please do not refer to this as meatloaf. In the burger the texture for me was a bit mushy in parts. But then this is where the Greek influence ends and Costco influence takes over. The triangular Costco bun! Regular readers will know that I’m a bit OCD about the burger bun thing. It’s not like I have a list of preferences mostly its just got to be fresh and tasty and fresh and fresh. Did I mention fresh? Here, not so fresh. Let me guess what happens: Mr. Cozmo goes to Costco for his weekly shop and picks up a couple bags of triangular buns. What is it, about 50 to a bag? Said buns sit in the kitchen and are slowly used over the course of the week. As the week progresses the buns get older and harder and staler. So I guess it depends what day of the week you order your burger as to how fresh the bun is going to be. Friday night mine was semi hard, it was placed on the grill but even the grilling couldn’t save it, just singed the top.

Mico give the burger a 5/10, I was a bit more generous with a 6, but this burger needs a re-think.

And it doesn't have to be more "authentic", round or less ethnic, it just has to be good.

In case you think I’m intolerant of triangular burgers check out one of the best burgers anywhere from The Edge in Sooke. Not round, certainly out of the box, and perhaps a bit Middle Eastern but in any case awesome.

So, Mr Cozmo, please just make a good Greek Burger, and please, use fresh bread.


  1. Another well written review. Stale buns are a real downer.

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