Tuesday, November 8, 2011

West Coast Taphouse, Langdale, BC

From the menu:

Tap House Beef Burger

Our award winning beef burger is made in house combining a perfect mixture of ground sirloin, brisket, and veal to create a burger of exceptional flavour and consistency 13.95-

The conversation:Me: what award did your award winning burger win?
The Server: (smiling) oh I don't know. I've only been here for 5 months.
Me: so it hasn't won an award in the last 5 months?
The Server: ( now a nervous smile) ha ha your so funny! ( as she backs away and disappears into the darkness)
Hey wait a second stop; I was going to order the burger.
It was a simple question. Luckily she came back and I was able to order said award winner.

I have since learned from the Taphouse website that the award in question was: Top Three in Jack FM's Best Burger Competition.

Really? Award winner? The voters at Jack FM need to get out more.

The patty was a super cooked, yummy tasteless hockey puck.

OK, nice pretzel bun.

It was an ok burger a perfectly adequate pub burger, 7/10, but not in my mind an award winner.

Unless I have business at the Sheraton I’ll have my burgers elsewhere.

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