Monday, December 14, 2009

Modern Café. Nanaimo, BC Canada

The signage drew me in, a historic landmark from the 1940’s. The décor was in fact modern, exposed brick, trendy looking place. The burger unfortunately did not keep up with the décor. I can’t go over 6/10 for this bacon burger. The patty was small, the sauce was non existent. To be fair there was actually sauce on the bun but two small dabs were almost undetectable. Why bother? The menu said grilled sourdough bun. I got a tasteless whole-wheat bun. I do not like the bait and switch on menus. Alas, I would go back for the ambiance and to try some other things on the menu, but I wouldn’t have another burger here.

I can’t find their website. But read more on a few other blogs here:

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