Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vera’s Burger Shack. Vancouver, BC Canada

Vera’s started out as a Kit’s beach front, burger take out joint and grew to a chain of restaurants throughout Vancouver. Franchise anyone? The restaurants are small kitschy eateries. A fast food order type place with a liquor license. The patties are fresh made, grilled to order. My burger was a juicy drippy mess. Always a good sign. Vera’s makes very good burgers. Overall an 8/10 for my bacon cheeseburger. My only complaint on the burger was the cheese. Grated instead of sliced, the cheese did not melt over the patty. A chunk of cold cheddar on top of a hot patty just didn’t cut it.

There was a hair in my fries. Luckily the fires were served in their own basket. So the gross-out factor did not extend too much to the burger. The fries sat at the table untouched. They looked underdone anyway.

A solid burger establishment, check out Vera’s at: http://www.verasburgershack.com/

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