Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The village Tap House. West Vancouver, BC Canada

The best thing about the tap house burger was the soft sesame seed bun. Is that a good thing? The rest of the burger was just slightly above average. Good flavors, fresh veggies. There was way too much ketchup on the burger. Actually any amount of ketchup in a burger is too much for my taste. This is a funny thing, because ketchup is perfectly all right on my fries. The burger was served with a couple of large deep fried onion rings in top (nice) and a pickle wedge on the side. I like my pickles in the burger. Fresh cut fries, very nice. The burger itself was a 6.5/10 but the Tap House has great beers, so the burger beer paring options are outstanding and along with the other accoutrements the overall score gets bumped to an 8/10 .

Definitely a place to check out: http://www.villagetaphouse.com/

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