Monday, July 26, 2010

City Square Grill. Duncan BC Canada

I never thought I would be reviewing a burger in Duncan, but here I am, out for lunch with customers from work. It’s always nice to go out with locals who usually recommend a great place I would never find on my own. This time it was the City Square Grill, a nice cozy modern restaurant in the heart of Duncan BC. The menu looks like it has an Indo Canadian fusion thing going on. A couple dining companions order great looking grilled seafood salads and loved them. One ordered the fish burger. It looked good; she gave it an 8/10. I of course ordered the regular burger. Or in this case the City Square Grill Burger (Half Pound Sirloin) with Caramelized Onions, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese. Everybody always gets totally confused when my burger comes to the table and I take my camera out to take pictures. Weird stares for sure until everyone learns I have a burger blog and then the conversation becomes quite animated. Everyone offers their suggestions and the table volume level increases to an excited buzz. Nice.

The burger was pretty good, a solid 7/10. But truthfully, I’m really starting to get tired of the “pretty good” burger. I find that at a lot of places this is what you get. The burger looks good, has all of the right fresh ingredients and yet…something is missing. A good 8 oz sized sirloin; hand packed in house and then thoroughly overcooked. So much potential, it’s a shame really.

A day old bun, even toasted makes a big difference in taste. Toasting doesn’t help; the only thing that happens is the burger disintegrates in your hands.

No juice. How does this happen? Great ingredients and a dry burger. Mindboggling.
In the end, the burger is edible, decent even, but there is just a little something something missing.

Just goes to show that making a truly outstanding burger is not easy. Those that do, my hats off to them. Those that don’t please take a step back take an honest assessment of your offerings, figure out the details and keep on trying. I’ll keep on eating. Although next time at City Square I might try something else.

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