Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mandalay Bay Steakhouse, Richmond BC Canada

Mandalay Bay Steakhouse

Just another burger with a view. And not a bad view at that, sunny day sitting on the deck enjoying lunch with a view and a burger. In this case an Angus Beef Prime Rib Burger, 8oz , lettuce, guiness cheddar cheese tomatoes, onions and mayo. A pretty good burger but not as nice as the view. Lets call this one a respectable 7/10 with room for improvement.

First off, get rid of the giant generic Safeway style kaiser bun. I don't care if it's a massive 8 once patty the bun is way too big and smothers everything. As my good friend Tom Arnold said when discussing his ex-wife Rosanne; "Even a 747 looks small flying into the grand canon". You get the idea.

And please please please, major pet peeve, do not overcook the patty!

Everything else was pretty good. No major complaints. Nice upscale eatery.

Nice touch on the half potato and half sweet potato fries.

Pick a nice sunny day to head out to Steveston, sit on the patio and have a burger. All in all a nice way to spend lunch. Only problem is dragging my ass away from the patio and back to work.

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