Monday, July 19, 2010

Nourish Garden Cafe at Glendale Gardens. Victoria. BC Canada

After a stellar recommendation from Vicburger for Pink Bicycle, my new favourite burger place in Victoria, keeping in mind, favourites tend to change quickly but at least for now.

I once again took their recommendation and visited Glendale Gardens. What I experienced was totally unexpected. Straight off, I do not like this burger. It was just weird. The best way to describe their burger is like going to a "foodie" friends place for dinner and having them try to impress you with a totally "out of the box thinking burger".

The bun, ciabatta, sort of? It had a cornbread like texture, the bottom layer was soggy. The patty, OK so the patty is from Quist Farms, a local natural hormone free meet producer, good, but it also had a weird texture and colour. It looks like they added some sort of filler which I couldn't identify. I had a few bites of just the patty, since my bun disintegrated anyway, and it was quite tasteless. "More filla no thrilla" Sorry but as you can tell not my favourite thing. I did like the way the burger was barbequed on an outdoor grill accessed through the kitchen window. Like a said more like a burger you would get at wanna be chef friends place. To be fair I think this burger would go over big with a certain crowd. Maybe the grey-haired set, I don't know? I know I didn't like it, maybe a 3/10 maybe lower?

Don’t let me dissuade you, go and let me know what you think. This burger is unique and you might like it. The owner and operator seemed nice and genuine; let me know if it is worth a second look. I'd like to support this place, but for now sadly no.

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