Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Gillnetter Pub. Coquitlam BC Canada

My buddy’s b-day. He's in denial. Yes we are all getting old. It’s nothing that a couple....or more tequila shooters won't temporarily cure.

So here we are at the Gillnetter Pub. Home of the Pitt burger a 6oz charbroiled prime rib patty, topped with Cheddar,cheese & bacon, served with mayo and our special sauce.

They almost named this burger correctly...except drop the p and add sh and you've got yourself a pretty good description of the burger. Perhaps the worst burger I've had this year. I'm not even going to rate this thing. On the surface it looks ok, a standard pub burger, the patty is frozen but everything else looks good. And then you pick it up and try and eat it. The ciabatta bun was so old and so hard I couldn't even bite through the burger. This is brutal. They might just as well have used a couple of thick pieces of corrugated cardboard.

Pass me the tequila shot.

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