Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chef Big D's. Squamish BC Canada

Thanks Frank, that was excactly what I was looking for.

My buddy Frank, a Squamish local, suggested Chef Big D's, in response to a question I tend to ask a lot of people "so, where’s the best burger in town".

According to Frank, the Chef at Chef Big D was a hot shot chef working at a bunch of hi end places in Whistler who then decided to move out of the village and down the highway for a more laid back life. Being the non serious journalist that I am I haven't fact checked this little tidbit of information; I'll just take Franks word for it.

Chef Big D's is a fantastic place, a mom and pop feel on the old town strip in downtown Squamish.

The burger was huge, home cut fries, crispy hot nice. The server tells me everything is fresh, the patty hand formed a seasoned with herbs, garlic powder and egg for binder. The egg thing is kinda weird not what you usually see and I'd argue probably not required, but then I'm not a hot shot chef. You can't really knock the chef though, the patty had outstanding flavour, and maybe a bit too much in fact, I was burping up greasy garlic burger for the next 6 hours. Some would say this is a compliment to the quality of the burger, I say pass the Nexium.

I enjoyed this burger and the whole ambiance of the place, I've been eating at too many corporate chains lately and this is a refreshing change.

8.75/10, my only complaint is that the bun was cold, almost like it came out of the fridge and straight on to the plate. Come on guys throw it on the grill for a few seconds at least. Notice also from the photo that big chunk of un-melted cheese, just saying, I'm pretty sure it would taste better melted. And oh ya, as regular readers will know my usual complaint, stack the burger up, and forget about serving open face stuff.

The building blocks are there this could easily be a 10/10 burger with just a few little tweaks.

BTW this is an unlicensed establishment, in case you plan on heading over and having a nice cold one with your burger. Get a tap in guys, really!


  1. I'm ready to drive to Squamish for this burger. Of course, I agree with stacking, a warm bun, and melted cheese. Goood review, thx.

  2. The cheese looks kinda sweaty and not melted. Was the patty more meatloaf-y or like an actual burger. Time and a place for everything. Garlic burps are a good sign though.

  3. It was a nice hunk of cheese that definitely would have benefitted from some heat. One of the reasons I like my burgers to come to the table stacked, the residual heat kind of melds everything together.
    The patty was good, you’d think that with the egg it would be “meatloafy”, but it wasn’t sort of crumbly and crispy edges.
    And yes a very high burp quotient on this one.

  4. The Burger is now stacked, and the melted cheese and warmed bun issue is now fixed. With that said, if you order an egg on the Burger the is cooked other than over hard it will be open faced. We do not want the yolk to drip prematurely. Thanks for all the feed back.

    Chef Big D

  5. Darin, great to hear from you. I think you have a fantastic little eatery. I didn't know an egg was an option. I will definately be back to check it out.