Saturday, February 5, 2011

Is a Burger a Burger?

It may surprise people that I try and eat healthy. I am after all the guy with the burger blog. I try and shop "around" the store, that is, I try and stay away from the processed crap in the middle isles.

Sure I'm a miserable failure sometimes but life requires some indulgence and I think the burger gets a bad rap, sort of. OK, so I'm not going to argue that burgers are health food, in fact, almost the opposite.

My confession: I eat McDonalds burgers, but only when I'm sick.

When I have a flu or a cold and can't stomach real food I have a huge hankering for Big Macs and Fillet a Fish sandwiches. It's weird, but it’s like my body knows it not real food and craves it. Believe me I have never once had a craving for Big Macs when I wasn't sick.
Since I'm usually feverish during these episodes I readily succumb to my cravings.

And predictably it takes less then a few minutes after devouring these two sandwiches that I feel physically regretful. I'm an idiot I know but really I was in a weakened state to start off.

And no I do not anticipate that this video will have any effect next time I'm ill. Although, to be honest the fries thing kind of freaks me out. Gotta, love that good old fashion chemistry.

But, now let's talk about a fresh, chemistry free, in house ground AAA chuck, with fresh, even possibly organic vegies, real cheese, and an organically home baked bun. Not necessary healthy for you but a perhaps a healthy indulgence. Made even better with a frosty draft beer or better yet, only because of it's cardiovascular benefits, a big thick Zin :)

Ladies and gentleman, two ends of the burger spectrum. It try and keep as close as possible to the real deal. Where are you?

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