Friday, March 4, 2011

Spinnakers Gastro Brew Pub, Victoria BC

I like brew pubs. I figure if the place is so passionate about their beer, to craft it themselves, that has to translate into a decent food program and of course into a decent burger. There are a couple of exceptions, most notably Taylor’s Crossing in North Vancouver comes to mind but generally speaking if you need to take a chance on a burger and there's a brew pub around it's usually a safe bet.

I'm not really taking a chance with Spinnakers Gastro Brew Pub in Victoria, I've been there many times, the beer is great, the pub upstairs has a fantastic view of the harbour and a laid back feel. I'd say it's one of my favourite places in Victoria to have a pint and relax.

Lunch with a View

I also like their take on food:

"the promotion of local food is a movement we endorse & live by"

The burger:
"highland bound beef burger, brewery spent grain fed highland beef burger, bakery fresh kaiser, house made bbq aioli, beer braised onions, dragonfly farms tomato relish, organic greens, ipa vinegar pickled cabbage."

I added bacon and cheese (naturally) and it was a very fine burger hovering somewhere around 9/10, but to be frank this score combines not only taste but also Spinnakers overall food program. Using local family farms and suppliers is important; I’m a big fan of small local farms and local ingredients.

Great flavour from the Highland Bound Farms meat patty, the server old me it was from up island, but surprisingly no info online on this place and I'm a suspicious bastard when it comes to marketing claims. But taking them for their word how can you not like this burger, everything is fresh and real. The purple pickled cabbage was a nice and unique touch. The only miss from me aside from the patty being too well done was the whole wheat, dried basal infused bun. Whenever I is see dried basal leaves in dough I think of crappy 99¢ pizza by the slice, hole in the wall takeout. But that's just me.

I’ll be back, many times.

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