Monday, June 13, 2011

Flying Canoe West Coast Pub, Courtenay, BC Canada

Maybe it was a latent sub conscious response to not being able to order the Bison burger during a recent trip to the Yukon that made me order the Bison Burger at the Flying Canoe West Coast Pub in Courtenay.

It also reads pretty good: Vancouver Island Bison Burger Hand formed spiced patty, Okanagan merlot cheddar, purple dijon mayo

So the hand made in house claim from the menu and enthusiastic "it's great" comment from the bars thespian/waitress sealed the deal.

BTW, whenever the server responds with a "it's great" to a question about something on the menu your next question to them should be" OK, what on your menu is crap"? The honest servers usually have an answer and should be trusted. The thespians get confused and tow the company line with "nothing everything is really good". These people should not be trusted, there is a high probability of a very mediocre burger (or anything else you've ordered for that matter) coming your way.

My server unfortunately falls in the latter category. Not that my "in house made Bison Burger" was bad. OK maybe it was a bit bad, a 5/10, a crumbly bunness of small non flavoured patty "greatness".

Ho hum, at least the Canucks won game 2.

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