Friday, June 10, 2011

The Deck, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Location: Whitehorse in the Yukon Territories. Objective: find a really good burger. My friends and I asked around town for the best burger and we were told enthusiastically that The Deck had a killer Bison burger. Right O, we are totally there because, first reaction, Bison sounds so Yukonish until you give it some thought and consider that Bison is probably not local, more of a plains/prairies like creature, we should be looking for Moose or Elk burgers instead. We fall for it anyway but as it turns out when we got to the Deck they are sold out of the Bison and we had to settle for a regular beef patty.

It's OK, it's a beautiful sunny evening sitting out on the deck with a local Bear beer draft and it's all good. (It's the end of May and 22° C up here. 17º in Vancouver...crap, who new you had to fly 2 hrs north to find descent spring weather)

This is burger 101, standard, bacon cheese and sautéed onions, stacked with fresh tomatoes, onions and pickles all enveloped into a soft and warm bun.

It was way over expectations, although nothing special ingredients wise everything came together beautifully for a solid 8.5 - 9/10. My friend Ron also had the burger and as guest reviewer concurred on the taste but wouldn't commit to an actual score. He did comment that he would have preferred more juice. As in juiciness. I can’t argue with that, more juice is always good.

Now Fran is another story, I post this picture of the vegetarian Portobello mushroom burger she had and raved about. A 10/10 she stated with great enthusiasm and then went on and on about how good it was. Sorry Fran, I'm sure it tasted great but no way that this thing is a burger. Where is the bun, the MEAT, the GREASE? You ate it with a knife a fork. I double dare you to try and pick that thing up hold it in your hands and eat it like a REAL burger. Menu marketing is a wonderful thing.

I'm sure I'll be hearing about this for sometime to come. Maybe we continue the debate next time on another patio somewhere with another beer another burger and another great evening.

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