Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cactus Club - here we go again

Crap, here I am at the Cactus Club, again. This time in Victoria, having another Fennie Burger, again. This after promising not to have another Fennie Burger ever again a few blog posts ago.

What can I say? My work colleagues like the Cactus Club and I have the willpower of a nat.

Once again, it’s not that the Fennie Burger is a bad burger, it’s actually pretty good. But it should be better than just pretty good. I blogged about the burger a few years ago and not much has changed. Actually probably nothing, an 8 then maybe 7.5 now. OK, lower score, just because I’m bitter.

Shouldn't just pretty good be improved on?

Shouldn't they shake things up a little?

Or is that the best they can do?

Or do they not care because week minded souls like me will keep on ordering this above average mediocrity?

I don't know? But for sure this is the last Feenie burger for me.

Until, of course, I have my next one.

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