Friday, March 16, 2012

Stackhouse Burger Bar, 1224 Granville St. Vancouver

Van Mags things to eat and drink in Vancouver 2011: the Stackhouse Kobe Burger.

OK, I'll concur, this is a very good burger, 8.5/10.

Fantastic flavour from the Kobe, even though the patty was cooked through and the restaurant would not serve it medium rare. I was informed by the server that the last thing I wanted to do was have a Kobe Burger medium rare because of its high fat content it would ruin the flavour and the uncooked fat would leave a bad mouth feel and anyway we don't grind our own meat so it would be unsafe. Ah ha, the real truth comes out..excuse…excuse…excuse..real reason.

I wish restaurants would get their act together and give me rare! OK, medium rare.

None the less a very good burger in a hip small joint on Granville St. The burger not the location reminds me a lot of Romers on 4th Ave.

Good ingredients good attention to detail good flavour.

Nice, I'll go back have another and debate the waiter on why it would be ok to do Kobe Medium rare.

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