Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monks Grill, Vancouver Airport, Domestic Departures

The best thing about the burger at Monks Grill, Vancouver Airport, Domestic Terminal, is the beer. Is it me or does beer taste better at airports?

The Whistler Whiskey Jack Ale really hit the spot. Or maybe the beer was just compensating for a very corporate cafeteria style burger, 4/10 at its best. Enough said except, BTW, who ever decided that incorporating dried sawdust tasting basal to a burger bun should reconsider their chose of careers.

I know what your saying; this is an airport right? What do you expect? Truth is, there are some really good eats at many airports out there. And why should we except crap? Walk down the concourse at YVR and Vera’s Burgers has a line of patrons ordering and the smell coming off the grill is enticing and I see people digging in to killer looking burgers. I’ve never had a burger from this location but if it’s anything like there other locations that’s a very good thing. The diners seemed enthralled. But they don’t serve beer! Crap. Maybe next time I can sneak a Vera’s burger into Monks Grill. Do you think they would mind? I don’t see why, its not like they can argue that they have a burger on the menu. What they may have is an unreasonable facsimile perhaps but certainly not a real burger.

I’ll be back for a beer.

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