Thursday, May 3, 2012

St James's Well, Newport Village, Port Moody

It's nice to be surprised. I really wasn't expecting much from the St James’s Well Irish Pub. That's not fair; it's not that I wasn't expecting much it’s just that I was expecting the usual mediocre pub burger. Happily, the Smokehouse Burger is much more. An easy 8/10, very nice.

There was a couple of things I really liked about this burger, firstly take a look at the picture, the bun to patty ratio was just about right. Often the patty is way too small and the bun way too big. Sadly like many places in this non burger city, the patty was cooked through (read overdone).

But back to the things I liked; secondly there was a savoury smoky sticky gooiness from the house made BBQ sauce, really nice, unique and tasty.

Be it from me to offer advice on improvement, however, bump up the quality of the patty, grind your own beef and then leave a smign of pink in the middle when served and there are huge prospects here for a truly special burger.

If your looking for a burger in Newport Village in Port Moody head to the St James’s Well. You may be tempted to stop at Browns Social Club down the path but the Well makes a better burger in a homey Irish pub environment and the beers not bad either.

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