Friday, May 4, 2012

Tableau Bar Bistro, Vancouver

What the hell am I doing ordering a burger at a French Bistro? OK, so they might get the frites right but what do the French know about burgers?

I should have had the steak frites. I've been to Tableau in the past and I've had the steak and it were excellent. I spent lunch staring longingly at my friend’s plate of steak frites while taking unfortunate bite after unfortunate bite of my less then inspired burger. To be fair it wasn’t a bad burger just a blah burger, 6/10, made worst by thinking about what I could have had.

I just managed to snap a picture of the steak frits before Wei polished it all off. She did give me a piece, I was grateful.

Sometimes it sucks having a burger blog. The nagging feeling that I must order a burger everywhere I go. As god is my witness "No more, I say, no more". From now on, screw the blog I'm ordered the best of the menu, which at Tableau is the steak frites. BTW, in case you feel I’m slagging Tableau, I’m not, just the burger. Agreeably the Georgia Straight named Tableau best French Bistro in the city.

I wonder what award they would bestow on their burger?

Please, just take it of the menu, help people from making the same mistake I made.

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